A Little About Us

Our project began as an experiment in University to cultivate mushrooms on readily available sources of agricultural and post-consumer waste. The project certainly wasn’t easy and we were met with constant contamination and cultivation issues. Regardless, we pushed onward! We were extremely fortunate along the way and received help from just about everyone. From professors that allowed us to use their labs to lab technicians that took the time to teach us sterile technique and the finer nuances of microbiological work. It wasn’t long before our project gained extreme traction and won us the McGill Dobson Cup. The prize was of monumental importance and gave us the resources to build the first professional lab from which all genetic work, culture preparation and research was conducted.

With the first lab built we were able to focus our efforts on producing cultures (petri and test tubes) and mushroom spawn of the highest quality which we sold to mushroom farms across the country.

With high quality genetics and phenomenal spawn production practices under our belt, naturally, we graduated to cultivating our own mushrooms for both gourmet and medicinal uses.

Currently, we are working on the perfect marriage of indoor hydroponic agriculture and indoor mushroom cultivation – both compliment each other extremely well. Mushrooms produce CO2 in the decomposition of organic matter and plants assimilate CO2 which they use to form complex and delicious carbon chains such as fructose.