Here at Amelium Farms, we are continuously striving to improve upon existing cultivation techniques, isolate new phenotypes, design and develop new cultivation technologies, and to discover new ways to leverage the power of fungi to our collective benefit.

We achieve this through on-going research and development which is conducted both in-house and in the field. Our focus on research and development keeps us at the forefront of our industry.


The production of high-quality cultures and spawn is the focus of our company – Our Bread and Butter.

We have the capacity in-house to produce a myriad of different varieties on dozens of various substrates/grain types. We work closely with our clients to ensure satisfaction with every batch of spawn we produce. Any culture or substrate we do not already have can be developed and produced commercially.

Regardless of the complexity of our clients needs, we are always happy to oblige. 


On occasion, both new and existing clients will reach out to us for a private consultation on how a build should be carried out or how to maximize an existing operation. Utilizing our 20 years combined experience building controlled environments, we are always happy and ready to help. 

Our expertise in the field allows us to do everything from building plans and power and HVAC requirements, to layout, equipment design/fabrication, controlled environment design/fabrication, HVAC installation, ducting, humidification, and air exchange systems.

In short, we can provide a turn-key solution for nearly any greenhouse or indoor controlled environment application. 

What Our Clients Say

Fait des extraordinaires champignons 🙂
Geen P-N.
Marc B and his crew put in the passion every single batch they deliver. Quality product grown locally by hard working folks. Too good to pass up on an opportunity for tasting truly exquisite mushrooms. Keep up the good work lads!
Tony W.
Tried a batch of some of your mushrooms recently. They taste great and look great! Thanks for a quality product!
Patrick F.

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